The training center of professional cleaning Clean Masters invites everyone to learn one of the most popular professions in Ukraine, the profession of a universal cleaner, a manager of a mobile team, a specialist in dry cleaning. All graduates of our school will receive a certificate that allows you to find a job in Ukraine and abroad and conduct their activities professionally and easily.

Cleaning school

Our school is unique and has no analogues in Ukraine. Our cleaning trainers are the best cleaning specialists and excellent teachers! Our students receive not only knowledge and skills in conducting cleaning services, but also master the technique of communication with the client, subordination, etiquette! Graduates of our school are really true professionals! 

Attention! The recruitment of groups available only for September\October 2018. Hurry up to book a place for the next dates! 

Training can take place both in a group (up to 5 people) and individually. It is possible to start training on an individual basis at any time by appointment.

The duration of training depends on the course you choose. Any of the directions necessarily includes a theoretical course and practical course. According to the results of training, each student of the school passes the test.

After successful certification, the graduate receives a certificate of completion. If desired, the student can be employed in a cleaning company, a maid in the family of Ukraine and abroad for full-time work.

Theoretical classes are held in cozy classrooms equipped with everything necessary for the comfort of students.

Practical classes can be held at real objects that need specific cleaning services on the current topic of the course.

Training and testing is conducted by an expert in the field of professional cleaning with 5 years practical experience, the founder of the cleaning company “Clean Masters” Sagaydak Evgenia Aleksandrovna.

  Professional  windows washing  (2850 UAH)

Theoretical course-4 academic hours, practical course-6 hours.

The course includes the acquisition of knowledge on the technique of professional seasonal windows washing, windows washing after repair, knowledge and professional use of tools and equipment for washing windows, rubbing materials and treating chemicals safely.

After completing this course you will acquire the knowledge:

  • Window cleaning tools and appropriate skills of usage;
  • Seasonal window washing techniques;
  • The technique of window cleaning after repair;
  • Steaming of the boiled film;
  • Washing windows of large areas;
  • Washing of glass partitions;
  • Cleaning the space inside the frames;
  • Cleaning window profiles;
  • Window cleaning tools and appropriate skills of usage;
  • Safety in the windows washing, proper fixation.

  Cleaner-multi expert (8600 UAH)

Theoretical course-12 academic hours, practical course-12 hours.

The course includes obtaining knowledge of general, post-construction cleaning, supporting cleaning, professional window cleaning, practical skills of working with equipment, knowledge of treating chemicals, safety, basic knowledge of etiquette and behavior with the client:

  • Types and rules of cleaning.
  • The main stages of cleaning.
  • Dry cleaning (manual).
  • Wet cleaning (manual).
  • Mechanical dry cleaning.
  • Mechanical wet cleaning.
  • Floor cleaning with textile coatings:
  • Dry cleaning.
  • Dry cleaning with spray solutions of cleaning agents.
  • The main methods of stain removal.
  • Deep cleaning of textile coatings.
  • Maintenance-cleaning of textile coverings.
  • Cleaning the walls and doors.
  • Washing the walls.
  • Glass washing.
  • Work at a height.
  • Furniture cleaning:
  • Cleaning of cabinet furniture.
  • Cleaning of upholstered furniture.
  • Stain removal and dry cleaning of the upholstery.
  • Dry cleaning of carpets.
  • Cleaning of sanitary rooms with all elements of technical content.
  • Complete set of toilets.
  • Cleaning of metal surfaces and products.
  • Work with delicate surfaces and decorations.

Specialist of professional dry cleaning (5200 UAH)

Theoretical course-6 academic hours, practical course-8 hours.

  • Obtaining knowledge on the types of textile coatings.
  • Obtaining knowledge on the varieties, composition and method of use of chemicals.
  • Foam Aqua – cleaning of carpets.
  • Dry cleaning of upholstered furniture (textiles).
  • Dry cleaning of natural and eco-leather products.
  • Dry cleaning of suede and nubuck products.
  • Crystal dry cleaning (without moisture).
  • Dry cleaning of the car interior.
  • Special equipment and tools for dry cleaning.
  • Removal of various types of spots.
  • Work with delicate types of fabrics.

Manager of cleaning company (7300 UAH)

Theoretical course-12 academic hours, practical course-8 hours.

  • Duties of the mobile team manager;
  • Quality control and measures to improve the quality of services;
  • Selection of relevant employees for the event;
  • Control of employees on all necessary indicators affecting the quality of providing services;
  • Safety of employees at the facility;
  • Rules of necessary documentation;
  • Rules of object delivery to the customer;
  • Inventory of equipment and chemicals in the warehouse;
  • Rules of storage and dilution of chemicals;
  • Rules for the quality of the preview and evaluation of the object before performing the work in order to do the plan properly with necessary amount of resources;
  • Manager’s behavior with the client;
  • Techniques for overcoming objections;
  • Rules of behavior of the manager on the object;
  • Delivery of the object/summing up the work.

Housemaid (6900 UAH)

Theoretical course-8 academic hours, practical course-8 hours.

  • Types and rules of cleaning.
  • The main stages of cleaning.
  • Dry cleaning (manual).
  • Wet cleaning (manual).
  • Mechanical dry cleaning;
  • Mechanical wet (wet) cleaning;
  • Floor cleaning with textile coatings;
  • Types of equipment in the modern house and skills of use;
  • Dry cleaning with spray solutions of cleaning agents;
  • Basic stain removal methods;
  • Maintenance-cleaning of textile coverings;
  • Cleaning of walls and doors;
  • Walls washing;
  • Glass washing;
  • Furniture cleaning:
  • Cleaning of cabinet furniture;
  • Cleaning of upholstered furniture;
  • Surface care and prevention of contamination;
  • Cleaning of textile stains;
  • Cleaning of sanitary rooms with all elements of technical content.
  • The complete set of toilets, rules of filling with expendable materials;
  • Cleaning of metal surfaces and products;
  • Work with delicate surfaces and decorations;
  • Ironing / VIP wardrobe care;
  • General rules of working relations with the client, rules of subordination

The organization of the process of cleaning (32000 UAH)

Course duration-12 days.

The most complete and extensive course for organizers and managers of the cleaning process, business owners, including all of the above areas.

As well as:

  • Organization of cleaning process “from scratch”;
  • Knowledge of the use of cleaning services sales tools;
  • Basic marketing knowledge;
  • Financial reports;
  • Business systematization;
  • Framework for planning workflow;
  • Selecting the competent employees;
  • Choosing the right tools, techniques and chemicals for cleaning;
  • Review of suppliers of professional tools and consumables.

Also, that will allow you to fully engage in the organization of the cleaning- business process.

After studying at our school you will be able to perform and organize all kinds of cleaning services independently.

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Each student who has completed one of the courses has the opportunity to receive a discount up to 30% on any other course in the future.

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